Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Didn’t journal yesterday. It was an activity filled day which sort of served as our last day of relaxation before we start shooting, which is today! I actually don’t have a scene to shoot today, which will be rare, but we are only shooting the one scene today which I think may also be rare… it’s going to be a great scene set in a sheriffs office and I will definitely be there on set, cheering my cast members on and studying my own lines for tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be a long scene (12 pages) shot at a restaurant and I believe it’s what we are spending all day doing. Everything I have heard about the production design seems fantastic and I am really looking forward to seeing how things look when all the sets are fully dressed and lit and ready for shooting. There’s a certain magical quality that arises when a set is made shoot-ready. It really gives a feeling of being in another world, which is the idea! 

Yesterday we visited an Elk’s Lodge where we will be shooting the restaurant scene. One of the weirdest places I’ve ever encountered. Sort of a private, smoking and drinking lounge, members only for a bunch of Sheridan good old boys. Lots of taxidermy and patriotism. I took some great pictures which I have put up on my blog once I get internet. We also visited another location out in the small town of Story, which is where a good deal of the exterior action is going to take place. This town has less than a thousand people! it’s the image we want to sell as the size of the town we are going to. It’s also putting things in perspective as far as the script. This town is a REALLY small town. I think we laugh at some of the justifications in the script, saying ‘That’s ridiculous! I mean, I get that it’s a small town, but really? No form of town government?’ Those people have not seen the town of Story. Sure, you’re not that far from a much bigger town, but in the case of the town in our story, we are giving the presentation that this is a town that is isolated, cut off, and just a little weeeeiiird. 

Been having a lot of fun bonding with the other cast and crew. There have been some intense games of NBA 2k, which I’m starting to think I might just skip because it doesn’t really exercise my brain and it kinda just pisses me off. I am starting to leaning towards playing games of chess with various people, and yesterday we broke out one of my favorite games, Forbidden Desert and ended up going 2 games back to back. We didn’t win either time, but it’s a great team building activity and it was fun seeing cast and crew working together trying to solve problems and having fun at the same time. Today for me is going to be about a lot of writing about my character in my character journal, studying my lines and rehearsing with my cast. It’s gonna be a longer day for my cast because they will be shooting a scene late into the night already and then shooting our longer one tomorrow. I will have to be as prepared as I can possibly be so that when they DO  have time to work on it, our rehearsals are effective. I have utter confidence in this group though, so no matter the case, I think we only have fun times to look forward to. I can already tell this is going to be an amazing experience that I am going to remember forever. You don’t get many opportunities to live in another town and make an indie movie at this budget, of this scale at this point in my life and career. That’s why it’s important for me to keep this record. Will journal again later tonight about how today went, since it is till early morning here.

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